About Us

Welcome to Matchmade Designs LLC.  Our story to get to this point is unconventional to say the least.  It all began in 2014 When Megan and Jason signed up for Match.com.  It’s totally cliché, but we met online, fell in love, and got married.  Soon after we started dating, we began refinishing furniture in our home, eventually building our own furniture.  We enjoyed this so much we decided, Let’s do this as a career.

Our first products were more crafty than actual products, but heck, you have to start somewhere!  One of our first products was our Ohio shaped cutting boards.  Soon after mastering the process of creating our cutting boards we decided to step it up a notch and buy our first CO2 laser machine to customize our cutting boards.  That one purchase was a game changer for us.  Since that time, we have developed various product lines that pull on our talents, creativity and tools. 

Matchmade Designs has become a full-time career for us both now.  We sold our house and moved to Granville, Ohio where we could have our home and manufacturing facility in one location.  We spend all day (Nights & Weekends!) creating amazing products for amazing customers!  Although we stock our most popular products, we also create thousands of customized items per year for customers all over the United States.  All our products are manufactured at our Granville, Ohio manufacturing facility by our family.  We are truly a family run business with our kids also learning the business and helping on orders or working on our website. 

We take great pride in the quality of our work and our customers satisfaction.  We are so happy we spent the $20 to sign up for Match.com… that one investment led to the love of our lives and ultimately to our business.  Now our products are in thousands of homes across the nation.  That’s pretty amazing, and we are very grateful!   Thank you for visiting our site, and for being a customer of Matchmade Designs!

Megan & Jason Keller