Floating Wine? Yes Please!

Posted by Jason Keller on

So, what’s better than wine?  How about wine that floats in the air and defies gravity!  About two years ago, we were in North Carolina visiting some friends when we first saw one of these mystical wine holders in a cute little gift shop.  We were in awe of the gravity defying wine holder.  Like most people, I said, “Hey, that’s cool, sure we should make one of those!”  But unlike most people, we did.  Once we completed our little proof of concept, we decided to use some of our locally sourced Ohio black walnut for our final product.  We love using black walnut as it is one of the most beautiful woods available to us.  Black walnut requires only a little Dutch oil for finishing and displays its deep color and amazing grain patterns.  The only downside to black walnut is the cost.  It has to be one of the most expensive woods locally available here in central Ohio.  Like most things, if we like it, it’s the most expensive!  Sure, we could make these from some inexpensive pine, but what fun would that be?  We only use the best products available, so why should this little guy be any different! 

If you would like one of these floating wine holders you can grab one from our store for only $15.00.  Thank you, and be sure to check back with us soon as we have lots of exciting things happening here in Matchmade land!