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About Us

Living the Dream


Man meets woman in a totally 21st century way…on Match.com. Man and woman hit it off and discover they have a love for taking the ordinary and making the extraordinary. They start by re-purposing furniture for their home. This little hobby quickly becomes an obsession and man and woman find themselves drinking far too much coffee and dreaming of a day where they can make a business out of their passion.

2 years later, with the support of an amazing team, Matchmade Designs LLC. is launched! Love and passion abound; we are creating extraordinary items on a daily basis for people just like you! 

Made in USA by Megan & Jason


Each of our products is hand crafted in our Columbus, Ohio workshop by Megan and Jason (Go Buckeyes!).  We source our materials from local vendors and craftsman  and every effort is given to incorporate American made materials when possible.

Rustic Industrial


Our style blends patina, metal, wood, concrete and anything else we can get our hands on.  We are obsessed with repurposing “Experienced” objects into beautiful new pieces of art and furniture.  Our team has a deep passion for old barns, industrial spaces, and the delicate smells from our grandparent’s home.  In a time when craftsmanship is a dying skill, we look to form the next revolution in artisan craftsmanship using sustainable materials that evolve into tomorrow’s masterpieces. 

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